Welcome to WECA Talent LMS site. This site houses many of WECA’s online training courses which includes Healthy Bites Online Tutorial and Active Early.

How to access courses.

Signup for a TalentLMS account.

  1. Click on the Signup link located on the top right corner. If you already have a TalentLMS click the Login link instead.

IMPORTANT NOTES: You will need to create your own username and password.
TIP: Please remember to write your username and password down on a piece of paper for your own records in case you forget it.
If you still can’t remember your username and password, please contact WECA for assistance.
TIP: For your password, be sure to use 1 UPPERCASE, 1 lowercase, 1 number, and at least 8 characters in length.
If the sign-up pop-up box won’t let you continue, closeout of that box, REFRESH your browser and try again.

    2. Once you created an account, your profile page will have a dashboard. Click on the blue button that says GET YOUR FIRST COURSE.

    3. Choose the course you want to take by clicking on the red GET THIS COURSE button.

    4. Click on the course again.

    5. The course will appear. Under the content bar, click on Introduction.

    6. Follow the course prompts to continue through the course.

    7. When you finish the course, you will be required to download your certificate of completion or take a survey through Survey Monkey if you need to receive Registry credit.  

If you have questions, be sure to check out our FAQ page or contact WECA.