Frequently asked questions

PROBLEM: TalentLMS says this account has reached the maximum number of active users.

Currently, WECA’s account can only hold a maximum of 1000 users. Staff does its best to monitor the number of active users and will delete old users after three months of inactivity. Usually, we delete inactive accounts on Mondays. So check Monday afternoon to see if spots become available.

If I need to stop in the middle of the course, do I need to start over?

No. TalentLMS will allow you to pick up where you left off in the course. You can also go back to the different units of the course at any time.

What is the Registry credit process?

Each Monday, a WECA staff person will pull two reports. The course completions from TalentLMS and the survey reports trigger the Registry credit request. Staff will confirm that the learner completed the full course and process the Registry credit at that time. Please allow two to three weeks for it to show up on your Registry profile.

Will you have more courses available?

Yes, we're currently working on creating additional online trainings for child care providers. Visit our official website for more details.